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    Chirally Correct Peel $250

    I work with over 20 different chirally correct acids which are more readily metabolized into the skin resulting in deeper results with less inflammation.


    Oxygen Facial $325

    This treatment is deeply hydrating, soothing and cooling. Includes an ayurvedic honey massage, concentrated oxygen, niacinamide, edelweiss, helichrysum, peptides, ocean minerals, liquid crystals and ORMUS.


    *No extractions.

    *tight ph bandwidth for sensitive skin

    *barrier restoration

    *includes an aromatherapy arm massage

    *Includes ORMUS oxygen treatment, blue light LED, and a seaweed peel off mask.

    * 50 minutes


    This is a miracle facial for ultra dry, super sensitive skin or post medical procedure.


    Extraction Facial $375

    This warm, relaxing, detox facial focuses on skilled extractions, enzymes, acids and high frequency. We use niacinamide with oxygen to flush the skin of impurities and antibacterial acids to wipe the slate clean. This facial is mighty fierce, every minute is maximized to give a lot of force in a shorter amount of time.


    *includes in depth extractions

    *includes niacinamide oxygen treatment

    * includes high frequency

    *no recovery steps after extractions

    *you will have options for going home in a leave on treatment depending on if you want to feel squeaky clean tight afterwards or soothed and hydrated.

    *no massage

    * 75 minutes


    This is a great facial when you only need extractions - perfect for teens or in-between more in-depth facials.


    LED Facial $500 - (most popular)

    This is the works facial followed by my unique recovery process. After completely clearing the skin of impactions we use Mandelic acid & Arginine to manage texture issues and give a bright firm glassy look. The cool down phase of this treatment not only feels refreshing, it is the key to offer longer lasting results.


    *includes in depth extractions

    *includes a recovery process with oxygen, LED & seaweed mask to restore the skins healthy functions.

    *you will leave with clear, glowing skin.

    * includes aromatherapy arm massage

    * 100 minutes


    Great for clients who want the works in a convenient little bundle. This facial is a perfect yin/yang. Includes thorough extractions followed by a recovery process to restore your skins functionality. If you haven't had a facial in a while, start here!


    The Works Facial $650

    This is an in depth Extraction Facial, followed by a leveling peel to reduce texture & pigmentation issues. I get the best results layering adaptogen concentrates and then using LED to really metabolize the peel into the skin. LED makes a big difference in speeding up cellular repair giving the complexion a nice bright glow.


    *includes in-depth extractions

    *includes oxygen, LED & seaweed mask

    *includes an aromatherapy arm massage

    *includes decollatage LED, peel & mask

    *deeply transformative treatment

    * includes a chirally correct peel face/neck/chest

    *you may look flushed or slightly pink and will go home with post care instructions.

    * 100 minutes


    This is great for aging, pigmented skin with break outs in need of a deep restoration. Great when you need an all over anti-aging beautifying ceremony.


    LED & Kloud Session $80 (Can be done frequently)

    This is warm, cozy and deeply healing energetic reset. LED light therapy heals damaged skin and helps regenerate a youthful glow.

    while a PEMA (pulsed electro magnetic activation) signal


    The kloud has an electromagnetic field that is designed to pass through the body and gently activate the molecules involved in regulation and self healing processes. Choose from the 5 different programs: relax, balance, energize, synchronize, transform.



    I am available for skincare consultations Monday - Friday.

    They can be scheduled like any appointment on my calendar .


    Consultations take about 20 minutes and involve an intake of your current skin issues and an evaluation of your skincare regimen. I am always considering all of your consumer options, not just what we carry in store. I can help you weave together a skincare plan using organics, prescriptions/pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and even essential oils. It can be tricky to adhere to retinol treatment regimens, I am here to help you envision the long game and hit measured goals.


    New Client Skincare Consultation 30 minutes $100

    (can be used towards in shop purchases)


    *Existing Client Skincare Consultations are Complimentary

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