KOBO Candles
KOBO Pure Soy Candles are made of domestically grown and environmentally sustainable soybeans, creating a clean burn and an excellent level of fragrance yield. Hand-poured in Saratoga Springs, New York.
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Anisette Orange
Artemesian Lemongrass
Asian Grove
Cassis et Rose
Champaign Ginger
Djanjou Pear Lychee
FIg Blanche
Fresh Currant
Gardenia Royale
Golden Mimosa
Green Pearl Jasmine
HImalayan Spring Juniper
Kyoto Quince
Leather Mahogany
Manchurian Dragon Fruit
Marche Au Fleurs
Moon Wisteria
Oad Aquilaria
Opal Basil
Opoponax Amber
Petigrain Zesty Peel
Portuguese Olive Blossom
Sambac Jasmine
Siberian Cypress
Smoked Oak
Tabac and Talc
Vanilla Citrus Zest
Vetiver Vanilla
Violette Noir
Water Mint
Waterlily Clouds
White Birch Rosemary
Yucatan Guava
Zapote Strawberry
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