Purevana's Proprietary Skincare Treatments

Purevana‘s skincare treatments are truly unique and completely proprietary. We draw upon our years of expertise and our comprehensive collection of skincare lines to culminate powerful one of a kind skincare transformations.

Our Signature Freestyle Treatment – Customized – Comprehensive – All Inclusive

This all inclusive completely customized free-style facial is the ultimate professional skincare treatment. Melt away during your decadent complexion transformation which includes a custom combination of any and everything the moment calls for. Think comprehensive in-depth extractions, oxygen treatment, micro-current, peels, LED therapy, top shelf serums and potions, rejuvenating decolletage treatment & brows. This deluxe treatment both relaxing and deeply purifying, provides unsurpassed results for your skin and soul. Great for clients who want “the works” in a convenient little bundle.

Great when you need an all over anti-aging beautifying ceremony.

Extractions – Brightening Mandelic Acid Peel – Oxygen Treatment

Refine your complexion with the powerful antioxidant pyruvic acid found in hibiscus flower combined with the lightening effects of lotus flower acid. This seriously pro brightening treatment uses rejuvenating flower acids to renew, healing oxygen and peptides to rebuild, and a healing gogi berry honey massage followed by a Hungarian hydrating masque. This brightening treatment is deeply reconstructive and leaves the skin tightened and refreshed and is recommended for those working on pigmentation, refining texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

$40 per layer of peel add-on (down-time to be expected)

*A treatment skincare regimen that includes SPF and growth factor is required.

Great deep construction facial for correcting wrinkles and pigmentation. Not for sissies.

Microdermabrasion – Extractions – Oxygen

We use Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, a non-invasive mechanical exfoliation treatment. It helps clear acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and reduces pore size. We follow with enzymes, extractions, and oxygen.

Great for anyone wanting deep constructive results


Hungarian Micro-circulation – Seaweed peel-off masque – Oxygen Treatment

Balance your skins natural beauty with this healing seaweed and oxygen facial. Using a gentle approach to increase micro-circulation enhances the detoxification process and increases absorption of the marine based treatment serums we infuse into the skin with oxygen. Finished with a traditional Hungarian hydrating masque, this treatment leaves the skin calm and visibly firmer.

Perfect for sensitive tired skin in need of hydration and restoration.

Extractions – Enzymes – Oxygen

Get ready to glow. This antioxidant-rich facial is a wonderful routine facial for those who want to see long lasting results. We combine an array of enzymes to gently purify the skin, followed by meticulous extractions to clear impacted pores. This deeply purifying anti-aging facial leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking positively radiant. Our touchstone facial is perfect for any age or skin type needing a routine deep cleaning.

Great mix of modalities for aging skin that still acts like teen-age skin.

Organic – Ayurvedic Inspired Aromatherapy Journey   Revive your skin and calm your mind with this completely organic facial. This uplifting aroma-therapeutic facial treatment includes deep cleansing, surface exfoliation, gentle pore extractions, and a customized calming mask. You’ll leave feeling calm, clear and refreshed—ready to shine.  Relaxing, healing massage facial. Great for maintaining a beautiful complexion.

In Depth Extractions – Clinical Treatment for Acne – All work/No play

Get those breakouts and blemishes under control once and for all. Our clinical acne treatment decongests impacted pores, eliminates impurities, balances oil production, and transforms problem skin into a beautiful complexion. Finished with a leave on medicated treatment, this facial is perfect for treating hormonal breakouts.

Great for treating a breakout or for pinch-hitting in between deeper facials. Recommended for teens.

Gentlemen’s Facial   50 Minutes   $135

Extractions – Brows/Ears/Nostril Wax

Quick and simple extractions and manscaping. This facial pays special attention to the troublesome t-zone where men congest most. Includes professional grooming of brows, ears & nostrils and relaxing hot barber style towels. Brass tacks fellas, no ruffles.


Deluxe Mancial   70 Minutes   $185

The works. Relaxing hot barber style towels, purifying gentle enzymes & extractions followed by a soothing masque to calm and cool the beard area. Includes manscaping, hot towel arm massage and an oxygen treatment.  Look and feel like you just had an island vacation in under 75 minutes.


Manscaping  as fast as professionally possible  $65

Men have special facial grooming needs. We find rustically groomed brows can take years off.

Peel, Brighten, Heal, & Tighten

Light Peel  $85

Brightening and tightening with little to no downtime.  Easy for anyone to do anytime for a boost.  Stack a series together for better long term results.  *Comes with a complimentary itty bitty growth factor serum.

Mid-Depth Peel  $185

2-5 days downtime, resurfaces and lightens pigmentation. Great to work up to a series for progressive results or once a year for maintenance.  *Complimentary healing goodie bag – A little more post care required.

Deep Peel  $350

7-10 days downtime, deep work for serious damage.

*complimentary post care goodie bag & full size sunscreen. Committed post care a must.

Microcurrent Firming Facial 60 mins  $175  

Package of 5 $775     Package of 10 $1450

Microcurrent- Firming – Radiance

Pure indulgent anti-aging face sculpting treatment. This facial relaxes and  balances with an acupressure lymphatic massage followed by a proprietary sculpting micro-current massage that perks up the complexion. Great anti-aging hydration massage facial for dry, mature skin types.

Firming, restorative, and healing this treatment leaves the complexion glowing.


Microcurrent Firming Body Treatment 60 mins  $195  

Microdermabrasion Treatment

A non invasive medical grade deep mechanical exfoliation to help clear acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and help reduce pore size.

Add on to a facial for $75

Stand alone $125

Lava Naps are rejuvenating treatments designed to boost your skin in between facials.

LED is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This treatment increases circulation, accelerates tissue repair, kills acne bacteria, decreases inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

Lava Nap with oxygen $95


LED treatment for Acne and Wrinkles and Deep Healing 

Add on to any facial…

15 mins $30

30 mins $45

Brow Wax  $25  (15 mins)

Brow Detail $45 (30 mins)

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Our signature facials have each been specially designed to make every treatment a complexion transformation and a sensory journey. All come with oxygen, extractions, massage, &  hot towels. First layer of a cosmedix peel is included complementary.

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